What causes mold on toes and under toenails?

My roommate has mold under his toenails. I told him he should see a doctor. Is this contagious, like athlete’s foot? How does mold even get started? How serious is this, other than looking hidious and having a sour odor? Is it preventable? Is there a natural remedy, or is a prescription the only way to cure it?

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    1. It’s usually from moisture. I use a solution from Sally Hansen that I bought at the drugstore and it does a great job. Tell him to be really consistent about applying it every day and keep his feet as dry as possible with powder and cotton socks and he will start to see a change, then after a month or 2 he will be free of fungus. I am on my feet most of the day and they sweat, so I use Gold Bond powder to keep them dry. Works for me, hope it will for him too.

    2. 1. Go to: www@webmd.com. 2. Go to: #1. 3. Type in: Toenail Mold 4. Go to: #1: Fungal Nail Infections-Cause. Please look at the "Mold" section in the article.

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