4 thoughts on “Whats the best thing to keep mold & mildew out of my shower?”

  1. I am sorry to say that I have had this happen to me with every shower I ever had. The only way to keep the mold and mildew out of your shower is to thoroughly dry the doors, walls, floor and ceiling every single time you use the shower. There is NO easy way, I have tried them all. We moved 3 years ago and renovated the place we bought – got a new 4 foot shower with seat (we are getting old ya know) and since I made sure to dry the walls etc EACH time it was used I have not had one speck of mold or mildew. We have had the shower for over 14 months now. I keep 2 extra towels hanging over the doors just to dry the shower. If we have company, I don’t bother to ask them to do it – I just go in after and do it myself. IT WORKS !

  2. Get air circulation going in the bathroom. If you have a fan, run it no less than 20 minutes after each shower/bath and leave the curtain open until the walls are dry.

    Mould grows where water/moisture is allowed to sit and stay wet… dry it up and you won’t need any chemicals to clean what isn’t there. Normal bath cleaners will work to keep it clean from there.

  3. Mold grows in damp areas. Open up your shower when not in use. If it has a door, just leave it open and the door to the room as well. If it’s a curtain, dry the curtain and then push it back so air can circulate in the shower area. If there are no windows or exaust fan, get a small fan and turn it on for about 1/2 hour after you are done showering. Movement of air will dry the surface and slow the growth of mold. Keep using bleach as neccesary! Good Luck. Mom of 5 with 35 years experience. another option is a dehumidifier

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