White tongue?

I have white mold that is constantly on my tongue. My parents have always complainted about my bad breath regardless of how much I brush my teeth.

Is it true that 90% of all bad breath is usually from the bacteria on your tongue rather than your teeth?

What do I do to get rid of this whiteness on my tongue? I tried mouth wash, and brushing my tongue a few times, but I don’t see any effect.

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  1. Well, I read that eating some fresh basil and then drinking some black unsweetened tea will hep with bad breath. As for your tongue, you can scrape it, and brush it, but don’t use mouthwash containing oxidizing or astringent agents. Stay well hydrated.

  2. Yes it is true that your bad breath comes from your tongue.
    There are many tratments for it if brushing won’t work. but you’ll have to talk to a dentist.

  3. well, the white tongue doenst really cause bad breath, it’s that u use whitness toothpase intent of mint toothpase. the whitness is more of painting ur teeth than cleaning them, made sense? so natually they stick on ur tongue

  4. Wow, today I was at the dentist office to get my teeth cleaned and the lady who cleaned my teeth was talking about how to clean a tongue. What you’re supposed to do is get a spoon, metal or plastic, and place it in your mouth upside down. Then you scrape your tongue with the spoon removing all of the white gunk and slime too. She said it’s really effective. I’m going to try it tonight before I go to bed. I hope that helps.

  5. Do you have acidity? To avoid bad breath keep on chewing on some food like maybe a cookie etc.. so that your stomach is never empty. An empty stomach leads to acidity and causes bad breath. Another very important thing to check is that your stomach is clean. A constipated stomach will always give a white tongue.

  6. According to Deepak chopra the white stuff is called amma – it indicates that your body needs detoxification. perhaps you have problems with your digestion or the food you are eating is not fresh. I suggest you cleanse your body thoroughly by drinking a lot of water, fresh fruit and vegetables (or their juice), avoid left over food and meat for a while. Good luck.

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