Who knows about mold in a home?

OK I went to see a house for sale today I fell in LOVE it needs alot of work but the potential and PRICE are awesome it is a bi-level home and it is bank owned the lower level was gutted out I was told that there was a flood and they didnt know for a while I am not sure how long you can tell that there was some mold that was cleaned but left a mark behind and it looks like the upper level has little spots here and there my questions are 1st is it possible that the mold upstairs is just because it has been so damp and cold and the house has not had heat and it is just on the wall or do you think it is in the walls? 2nd if it is in the walls is there a way to get rid of it without ripping the walls off? and 3rd is all mold from floods dangerous? I know this is a lot to read and thanks for any help in advance.

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